Litter-Free Events

Litter Free Event

Historically, it has been socially acceptable for our youth to attend sporting events and leave trash behind in the stands.  This habit then translates to our community.  According to the 2006  R.W. Beck Tennessee Visible Litter Survey, most litter is from males between 16 and 34 years of age in Tennessee.   Therefore, as part of Keep Tennessee Beautiful’s larger initiative, we are targeting high school sporting events to become litter-free.

It is KSB’s goal to have all high school sporting events to be “Litter-Free Events.”  Through partnership with the schools, we can provide properly placed receptacles, volunteers to pass out waste bags, a banner to promote the litter free event and PSA announcements reminding everyone to pick up their waste behind them.

With Sevier County being the home of many festivals throughout the year, we have expanded our focus to also include community events.  If you’re an event organizer, please contact the KSB office and we can help your event become litter-free.